Moving Into Second Gear

In this first part of the Eighth Kyu skill level within the Osada-ryu school system, we will discover the intricacies of Japanese kimono wear and seating styles.

We then focus on various basic ties like the strict one-rope buffalo wing bondage, the two-rope takatekote (2TK, 二本縄高手小手), and, for one-up-manship, we explore the secrets of the one-leg-up suspension (kata-ashi-zuri, 片足吊り).

We also discover the advantages of working with kimono strings for hair bondage and simple kote (小手) restrictions.

Turning Posture Control Into an Art Form

Coming at your rope partner like a freight train can be so exciting, and so can imposing your will by brute force.
However, the power of kindness, sweetness, and gentleness can be much stronger; especially once you develop the skills to move your partner by the softness of your touch.
In this workshop, we learn how to manipulate our rope partners' bodies through thoughtful and empathetic directive guidance using nothing more than our fingertips.
We reach this goal by applying the Goldilocks Curve when we control the physical posture and mental attitudes of the ones in rope. This can be achieved through repeated and diligent practice. And that's why we have exercises like shifting the seiza (正座) seating position into the broken seiza (崩し正座) position.
Do not underestimate the power of softness.

No sword can resist kindness.

One-leg-up Suspension


Seating Control


Debriefing Time



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